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Joe Portelinha opened JP Motors LLC back in 1993; he has become a trusted member of the community through his hard work and honesty. People have grown to know that he is an experienced master technician who can be trusted to provide quality service through the company’s faciltity. JP Motors started small in a two bay garage but Joe quickly outgrew that garage. Joe made the decision to build a new facility from the ground up in order to meet the demands of his customers.

Our present location is 7000 square feet and contains nine working bays. The bays are equipped with eight rotary twin post lifts. We also dedicated one bay equipped with a drive on lift to perform precision four wheel alignments. The building also has a lower level designed by the owner for rebuilding engines and transmissions. On top of these features, JP Motors is taking many steps to go green. We have a 10k solar power system and our work area is heated and cooled with strictly waste oil fueled equipment. Also our hot water is provided by an energy efficient on-demand system.

JP Motors went through all the necessary steps to become a certified Bosch service center, which is no easy task. JP Motors had to pass the high standards that Bosch expects from its service center to attain this certification and continues to go through all of the qualifications to keep this certification.

We also have a five start rating with the better business bureau, Angie’s list and Customer link.

service center

Our technicians, Shawn, John and Jerry (aka scooter) are all ASE certified and have been with us for at least 15 years. They are all very experienced and educated on the foreign vehicles and are constantly trained and updated on the newest vehicles that are on the road. They are also very familiar with technical service bulletins, recalls and known common issues for each make and model. Granted our technicians cannot possibly know everything about every vehicle on hand, but do have all the tools to find the answers to any problem that does arrive.

Joe Portelinha, the owner, is also a master ASE certified along with being a certified locksmith. Joe has a true passion for the automotive business and stays up to date on the latest innovations in the industry to help better serve our customers. Joe understands the workings of today’s automotive industry and the need for constant updating of information to run JP Motors properly. He also strives to ensure our facility has the correct tools and equipment on hand to stay up to date with the ever changing automotive industry and to make sure our technicians have the proper knowledge and tools to excel. This allows us to bring you quality service to even the newest models of foreign vehicles. This is something that is not available at just any independent automotive repair shop.

Weather your vehicle needs a small repair, maintenance or a major engine rebuild, we can accommodate your needs.

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